Nano power traction battery

For maximum heavy-duty commercial vehicle power

Our cyclically stable battery

  • Exceptional performance

    The charging / discharge current of up to 7C powers even the heaviest of vehicles and equipment.

  • Speedier charging time

    A fully discharged battery is completely ready for operation again in only 5 to 10 minutes. The short charging time means that vehicles are operational virtually 24/7. Rapid charging does not reduce the service life of the battery.

  • Temperature resistance

    With an operating and storage temperature range of -50 °C to +65 °C, the battery can also withstand major temperature fluctuations.

  • Long service life

    With a depth of discharge of 100%, a C rate of 2 and an average cell temperature of 25 °C, more than 25,000 cycles can be achieved (end of life: 80% of original capacity). The high cycle stability of the LTO battery means that overall operating costs can be reduced in many applications.

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The GEN 4 24V 70AH battery module – our basis for all solutions involving a traction battery for heavy-duty commercial vehicles

A long service life and maximum power

  • Voltage range: 17.0 V to 27.5 V
  • Capacity (minimum / nominal): 65 Ah / 67.4 Ah
  • Capacity: 1,500 Wh
  • Peak power (discharging / charging): 20.0 kW / 33.2 kW
  • Maximum continuous discharge or charging current: 500 A
  • Cycle life for charging and discharging 2C, 100 % DOD, 25 °C: > 25,000 to 80 % of initial capacity
  • Cycle life for charging and discharging 2C, 100 % DOD, 55 °C: > 6,000 to 80 % of initial capacity
  • Calendar life at 25 °C: 25 years
  • Operating and storage temperature range: -50 °C to +65 °C

Technical data sheet

The GEN 4 24V 70AH battery module is the basis for the battery storage system. Appropriate battery module circuitry enables the achievement of the desired voltage level and capacity, depending on requirements.

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